Why should I rent-to-own?

Instead of making endless payments for public self-storage space, we provide you with the opportunity to own your storage unit at your location. When the rental term is completed, YOU are the owner!

Where do I start?

Visit one of our sales locations to pick out the style and color of building you want, complete the terms on the rental agreement and you’re on your way!

How much is the down payment?

The opening payment is equal to one month’s rent plus applicable security deposit.

When is my first payment due?

Your first payment will be due 15-45 days from the delivery date.

Is there a grace period for overdue payment?

Yes. Payments received at our office up to five (5) days past the due date will be processed as normal. Payments received more than five (5) days overdue may be subject to a late charge of up to $25.

How do I submit my payment?

You will be invoiced monthly with details on how to pay by mail, online, or by phone. Credit and debit cards, ACH and check by phone are accepted. Paperless billing and autopay options are available.

Can I pay extra every month?

Yes. You can pay extra money on your rental payment every month. However, since there is no principle or interest in a rent to own agreement (like there would be in a typical car loan) it will simply pay your next month of rent. 1 payment paid moves your due date out 1 month. Likewise 1 and 1/2 payments paid will move your due date out 1 and 1/2 months. Saving your extra $$$ and taking advantage of our early payoff discount is generally a better option. Consult your contract or contact our office if you have any questions.

Is there a Liability Damage Waiver? What does it cover?

Yes, we do offer a Liability Damage Waiver also known as “LDW”. If included in the rental agreement and the account is in good standing, the LDW will free you from any responsibility of damage done to the building by fire, flood or other natural disaster. Upon approval of an LDW claim, Carefree Rentals LLC reserves the right to terminate the contract, repair, or replace the building with a comparable unit.

What doesn’t the Liability Damage Waiver cover?

Since the LDW is a Liability Damage waiver only, and not insurance, Carefree Rentals LLC assumes neither responsibility for the contents of the building nor any damages incurred by negligence, accident or any other personal oversight.

Do I get a discount if I pay it off early?

Yes! We offer an early payoff discount that you can exercise at any time during your rental period if your account is in good standing and current. Discounts vary according to your contract. Check your agreement or call us for details.

Can I restructure my agreement to change my payment amount?

Under certain circumstances this may be an option. Contact our office for assistance.

Can I trade in my current building for a different one?

You can schedule a return for your current building at any time with no penalty and re-rent a different unit. Rental payments made towards one building cannot be applied to a different one.

Can I have my building moved?

Yes. However, the building must not be moved without express written permission from Carefree Rentals LLC. You are liable for any and all fees associated with moving the building.

Can I add improvements to the building?

You must have approval from Carefree Rentals LLC before making any changes to the building. Unauthorized changes may void the warranty. Building must remain unattached and accessible.

I’m going to have to move. Can I return the building?

Yes. There is no penalty to return the building nor is there a refund. You are simply renting on a month to month basis. Contact our office on assistance in closing your account.

What if I have to file bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy will not exempt you from a rent-to-own contract. Contact your attorney for specific details. No penalty is incurred for returning the building.

What if I default on my contract?

If your account becomes more than thirty (30) days past due your building may be retrieved. Pay close attention to payment due dates and pay on time to avoid late fees and delinquency. Using our recurring payment options is a great way to stay current.